Office Delve

Delve provides a news feed of relevant and interesting content, tailored to you. It's powered by the Office Graph, and brings you content from across Office 365, including OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Exchange, Yammer, etc. What you see is based on what you're working on and who you're working with, and attempts to curate a flood of data into a more manageable and (hopefully!) exciting thread of posts. 


Some features Of Microsoft Delve

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Easily Access Documents

No more searching for a saved file or remembering the title of a document you were recently working on. Quickly return to recent content, and view related content with intuitive views. 


Great Mobile App

As always, Microsoft has delivered with the mobile app for Delve. Access relevant posts from your peers, from wherever you are on your Android or iOS smart device. 


Enterprise Solution to Social Media

Its still a way to connect with people, but on a more professional level. You can also search for a name and find out what they've been working on recently. 

There's no need to worry about privacy with what appears on the threads, as users only see what has been shared with them. This means that your colleagues won’t see your private documents, and you won’t see theirs. Delve utilises Office 365's collaborative environment and uses machine learning to predict what you might like to see; an impressive technological feat from Microsoft. 


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