Introducing Microsoft StaffHub

By Anthony Lee, Consultant

Anthony started his SharePoint journey back in 2007 and  is proficient across everything from InfoPath forms, PowerShell scripting, complex SharePoint migrations and SharePoint administration, and backs his experience up with a string of Microsoft SharePoint and Office365 certifications .

Australian businesses in retail, hotels, restaurants, and building & construction employ of hundreds of thousands of people, most of which have no need for a computer for the majority of the time in their job. These employees are often referred to as “deskless workers” in the world of technology.

Businesses tend to find themselves searching for a means to allow their workers to be able to access information they need about their shifts while they are on the go.

Due to the different staff types, such as casuals and part time workers, and the ever-changing lives and situations of employees, businesses need a way to be able to effectively oversee and manage their staff resourcing, without impacting or hindering their relationship with their staff.

Casual and part time staff members face the requirement of swapping shifts. They want their employer to offer the ability to allow for it to happen seamlessly from a process perspective, without error or misunderstandings.

With the busy schedules of managers in businesses, there is a resounding need for a way to be able to effectively create, distribute and maintain up-to-date schedule information on resources. Providing managers with the means to be able to manage rosters on the fly, allows them to be more productive and have the ability to multi task.

The Microsoft StaffHub app makes all of this easier.


What is Microsoft StaffHub?

Microsoft have recently announced StaffHub, and it is designed to be the go-to app for deskless workers. It allows them and their employers the ability to manage their life at work, easily creating and managing shifts.

The StaffHub app is the answer to every business that has the requirement to help deskless workers manage their life at work. It is specifically targeted to those without easy access to the information they need to perform their day-to-day tasks and manage their work schedules.

StaffHub gives employers the ability to manage staff rostering, allows employees to swap shifts, and gives everyone mobile access so they can see this information wherever they are.

In this modern digital world, it’s a perfect time to make the shift to mobile apps that can offer and solve common business problems like these. It provides an efficient means to both track and manage human resources.

Microsoft StaffHub is a cloud-based application that works across all your devices. It enables desk-free workers and their managers to manage time, communicate with their teams, and share content all in the one place.


How to access StaffHub

Microsoft StaffHub is now available in public preview on the web, iOS and Android.

In order to access the public preview, customers need to visit and request a promo code for a Microsoft StaffHub Public Preview license.

You must also have an existing Office 365 subscription: K1, E1, E3 or E5. Public preview customers can also download the mobile app on Google Play and iTunes.

Each deskless worker and manager using Microsoft StaffHub must have an Office 365 account. You can visit to learn more.