Macquarie University


Macquarie University developed an in-house application to better manage and identify experts across their department. Known as EXPERTise 1.0, the University identified that the application had the potential to help individuals and organisations across a wide range of sectors, and wished to commercialise the tool.


Built by an in-house team, the university recognised they needed the assistance of external web developers to evolve the application into something that could be commercialised. Based on demonstrated expertise in this area the Superfluid team were selected as the right organisation to help take their application forward.

What we Delivered

EXPERTise 2.0 involved a lot of supplementary software development to build new features and to create a better user experience. The software was expanded to automate data analysis that had previously been a manual process, and then generate reports users would find useful. To keep work progressing our team did development activities during the day which would then be reviewed at night.

Beyond listening to the University's needs our team proactively developed new ideas around the interface and usability to ensure that the outcome was well beyond the expectations we had set.

The Result

EXPERTise 2.0 is far easier to use and more commercially viable, with all the bugs and pain points in the old application removed. As a result the University is able to generate improved research data for example by creating extended and additional stimuli tests which they can use to enrichen their academic work. Our relationship continues with the University to help them explore additional ways to evolve and improve the application.