Act For Kids


Act for Kids provides free therapy and support services to children and families who have experienced, or are at risk of child abuse and neglect. The charity provides both its own and government-funded programs.

Communication between 250 staff spread across 20 sites in three states was mainly through email or meetings, and the charity saw opportunities to streamline communication within the organisation


Act for Kids wanted a single point of contact where staff could search information and gain access to all of the charity's internal systems and to manage their operational needs. For several years the charity had tried using Microsoft SharePoint, however without sufficient internal expertise or direction they were unable to utilise it to its full potential.

Being a charity they were looking for a partner to help them pick the right system for their needs, while ensuring costs were kept to a minimum to help focus their limited funds on delivering positive outcomes for the community they serve.

What We Delivered

The team worked with Act for Kids to confirm that with the right design and direction up front, SharePoint was the most suitable application for their needs.

To ensure the final outcome was tightly aligned to Act for Kids' organisation needs, our team worked with key stakeholders across the organisation to develop a set of recommendations based on their business and technical needs in a very short timeframe.

We also recommended to the organisation that they evolve their use of SharePoint over time rather than try to deliver a large and cumbersome project up front. This approach was selected as a way to minimise project risk, expenditure and ultimately help in ensuring high levels of user adoption across their 20+ locations.

The Result

The first phase of the project saw the creation of an intranet homepage which was launched as the central repository for all corporate information and internal communications. The homepage provides users with links to everything they need access to, making it easy for staff to get on with their day jobs.

Using the Microsoft SharePoint platform, Act for Kids have been able to increase staff satisfaction and productivity across all their locations, ultimately helping them serve the community better.